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    Welcome to Menisa Elementary School. In Cree Menisa means “many berries”.  The name was given to the school because of the many wild berries, raspberries, saskatoons and blueberries found in the area. The construction of Menisa School was completed in September of 1981.  Menisa Elementary School serves Kindergarten through Grade 6 children.We also have two Interactions classes.  At Menisa School, we are committed to providing a supportive learning environment; one that fosters optimal growth for all learners, to prepare them to meet the challenges of the present and the future. We believe that a positive learning environment is one in which students are encouraged to take risks and one in which mistakes are accepted as an important part of the learning process. We have a strong focus on literacy, numeracy, and citizenship. 









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Principal's Message

The staff and I would like to welcome all students and their families to Menisa Elementary School. We look forward to working closely with you and your children in our pursuit of excellence. We provide a nurturing, safe and secure learning environment that will enable our students to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. Through collective collaboration that includes staff, parents, school community and partners in education, we focus on high levels of learning, excellence in character and a strong sense of community.   

Menisa School offers regular programming from kindergarten to grade six as well as special needs Interactions Programming. There are many leadership and extra-curricular opportunities available for students.

Please feel free to connect with me at any time. The learning environment in our building is enriched with all of us working together. My goal is to ensure that every student who walks through the doors at Menisa is welcomed, supported and engaged in their learning journey.

Matt Evoy